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Cilantro Lime

Wild Pink Salmon | 2 portions (284 g)
Take your plate from “meh” to mouth-watering with our tender wild pink salmon, bathed in sweet and citrusy teriyaki cilantro lime sauce.

Why You'll Love It

  • Gluten-free
  • No preservatives
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Source of omega-3 polyunsaturates
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No trans fat
  • Responsibly sourced


Pink salmon fillets, Water, Sugars (sugar, fancy molasses), Seasonings (soy sauce, red bell pepper, garlic, cilantro, yeast extract, spices), Modified corn starch, Flavour (cilantro, lime, roasted garlic), Tomato paste, Sesame oil, Salt, Vinegar, Sodium phosphate (to retain moisture), Xanthan gum, Colour (paprika).
Contains:Pink salmon (fish), Soy, Sesame.

Perfect seafood. Everytime.

Boil water, turn off heat

Bring 8 cups of water to a boil. TURN OFF HEAT.


Place up to 2 sealed pouches into water with tab hanging over side. COVER WITH A LID and leave pot on burner for 10 minutes.


Use the tab to remove pouches from pot. Let stand in pouches for 2 minutes. Remove fish from pouches. Spoon sauce over fish as desired and enjoy!

Forgot to set the timer? Don't worry.You can leave the pouches in the water for up to 20 minutes without overcooking.
Cooking more portions?3-4 portions = 10 cups of water, 5-6 portions = 12 cups of water.
Can’t Mess It Up! portions are individually vacuum packaged in BPA free plastic which is safe for this cooking method.

Nutrition Facts

Per about 1 fillet (150 g)
% DV *
Fat6 g
9 %
Saturated 1 g
5 %
+Trans 0 g
Polyunsaturated 3 g
Omega-6 0.3 g
Omega-3 2 g
Monounsaturated 2 g
Cholesterol55 mg
Sodium370 mg
15 %
Carbohydrate10 g
3 %
Fibre 0 g
0 %
Sugars 8 g
Protein25 g
Vitamin A
4 %
Vitamin C
2 %
2 %
4 %
* DV = Daily Value